A Letter From Sheila’s Husband

April 12, 2019

Dearest Family and Friends:

It has been two years since our beloved Sheila left our Harlem home and did not return. We continue to mourn and yet still cherish the love and friendship that she bestowed on so may of us. We remain ever so grateful for who she was and for the legacy she left for future generations. I am particularly thankful for those of you who have contributed to scholarships established in her name at Barnard College and Columbia University School of Law.

However, there remains a piece of unfinished business. Despite our best efforts over the past years, we have been denied the opportunity to review evidence upon which the New York Chief Medical Examiner ultimately based her determination of the manner of death. Formal disclosure requests to the New York Police Department and the Manhattan District Attorney have been rejected. Formal and informal channels have been used in our efforts to review the case files and other evidence relevant to the investigation. Those attempts too have been met with no response or otherwise have been ignored. To date, we have not been furnished with any evidence that conclusively establishes the manner of death nor with any explanation of the process by which the manner of death was determined.

We continue to disagree with the conclusion of the Chief Medical Examiner as to the manner of death, awaiting full disclosure of all the medical, criminal, and legal evidence gathered to date in the investigation of Sheila’s death.


Greg Jacobs